About Mike Hines

Mike Hines, co-founder and creative director of epoch, IS epoch.  With a reach far and wide from Chicago to across the globe, Mike has made his impact in the floral industry by defying the rules, creating styled and unique spaces and ensuring  complete client satisfaction by developing and installing possibilities beyond imagination.  During his 20 years of experience in the world of floristry and design, his passion for floral goes beyond the stem and often enters into a world of interior design as he is constantly changing the atmosphere of floristry to include that of the interior for which he works.  However, having fun and challenging his own imagination is what makes Mike a leading floral designer.  His rebel editing has fed his success to the highest of standards. "To just place a centerpiece on a table is just too easy....to create a space with the interpretation of what a finished interior of an event, lobby, home or party should be is what makes for a memorable, magical and timeless space for both you and your guests".  Proudly knowing that no job is too big, Hines continues to challange himself as well as his staff to be more than creative...to be memorable and timeless is the task at hand.  His approach starts with an attitude and vision and ends with a fleeting, yet unforgettable experience for both himself and his clients. 

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